Bordeaux Euratlantique: A New Metpark Parking in the Deschamps-Belvédère Neighborhood

Metpark is set to open a new parking facility at the end of December in the Deschamps-Belvédère neighborhood. The 400-space parking structure is owned by the metropolitan authority and is part of the upcoming Amplitude residence, which will have over 150 housing units set to be delivered in April. This development aims to accommodate the growing population in the area, with an estimated 1,000 new residents by 2024.

The inauguration of this parking facility comes just after the announcement of the closure of parking lots and the impound lot at the Front du Médoc in Mériadeck. The opening ceremony, held on December 8th, was attended by elected officials from Bordeaux Métropole, representatives from Euratlantique, and the developer Réalité.

Located near La Benauge, at the corner of Henri-Dunant and Rénée-Buthaud streets, this two-level parking structure, named Amplitude, is part of a larger development. The Amplitude residence, designed by Nadau Lavergne architecture, consists of 153 housing units ranging from studios to T5 apartments, including around forty social housing units. The parking facility is adjacent to a sports building, which will likely be owned by the City of Bordeaux. Surrounding the area are additional residential units extending up to the R9 level.

While the Amplitude parking facility will offer temporary parking options, a significant number of spaces will be reserved for residents owning property in the Amplitude residence. Some spaces will also be available for subscription by local residents. Metpark anticipates high demand for these spaces and expects them to quickly fill up.

It’s worth noting that this two-level, 5,000 square meter parking facility boasts state-of-the-art technology and features. These include 20 electric vehicle charging stations, LED lighting with motion sensors, a guidance system to direct drivers to available spaces, a « find my car » system to easily locate parked vehicles, QR code ticketing, cameras, and fire safety measures.

Although there were still some finishing touches and water puddles from recent rainfall during the inauguration, the parking facility is expected to be fully operational and open to the public by the end of the month. The Amplitude residence itself is scheduled to be completed by the end of April 2024.

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